That's what friends are for.

You decide to help out Winter and take a five hour bus ride to neighboring Milwaukie to talk to Winter. As you meet her in the park on a rainy day, you somewhat instantly regret your decision. Still, deep inside you knew you missed your childhood best friend.

You both decide there's no time to waste on catch ups. Winter leads you to an abandoned old lake house nestled deep in the woods. You light a few candles, and bring out your Ouija board.

Soon, letters spell out Winter's mother's name. You've made contact! Chills run through your spine— spirits feel different when you knew them in life.

Suddenly, a strong breeze blows out the candles and envelopes both of you in total darkness. You hear crying nearby so you hold on to each other, shutting your eyes in the hopes that nothing of this is real.

But the next time you open them, you find yourself inside an old abandoned mansion— with Winter's mom crying right in front of you.

"Would anyone want to have a tea party with me?" she asks.

Winter's crying mom
Winter's crying mom
Ouija boardOuija board