Let’s turn perspectives around...

Today, you’ll be Chad.

Your life was cut short in your mid-20s— what most would consider the prime of their lives, by a serial killer who eluded authorities for years. The culprit still roams free 20 years after your death. You were number 12.

Stuck in limbo, you take on the mission to get the murderer caught and spare the lives of future victims in the process. The killer’s current count is 22.

Chad profile
Chad profile

There’s only so much you can do as a ghost. Sure, you’ve watched the classic ‘90s film ‘Ghost,’ but you still cannot move anything physically for the life of you (irony intended). Well, except stuff that are smaller than an inch such as a nickel, a small screw, a cellphone button, or a light switch... those you can move.

Chad trying to move a drinking glass on a tableChad trying to move a drinking glass on a table

It also doesn’t help that you didn’t have any real relationships when you were alive. Abandoned by your parents, you’ve learned to live on your own and dismiss everyone else’s. Soon in limbo, you've realized you were already a ghost, even long before you died.