For the life of you (or lack thereof)

On the night of your death, all you can remember are a few details. You were sleeping inside your small rented room in Minnesota when all of a sudden, you felt a knife cutting through your jugular. That’s it. What a miserable way to die. Deep inside where your guts used to be, you know there’s more to your story than meets the knife.

Two decades stuck in the netherworld, you finally realize that you need to connect with the living to continue your pursuit to catch your killer.

You begin to stalk this girl named Ann— especially because she’s so much like you when you were alive. Desolate, careless to the very word, and rather frail. Though Ann’s allergic to American dog ticks, which have temporarily paralyzed her in the past, she still owns an untidy pet that sleeps with her in bed. Yet, you figure, just as how your killer easily snuck up behind you, you sure can easily connect with this weird, nerdy girl.

You spring into action…

Ann sleeping with her dog in bed.Ann sleeping with her dog in bed.