Hello? The afterlife calling…

You appear in Ann’s dream, all pale and ghoulish. She couldn’t move an inch, which, in retrospect, was the opposite of what you wanted. You wanted her to be the Oda Mae Brown to your Sam Wheat.

You try to wake her up. But screaming to her face only seemed to make her stiffer. You try telling her jokes— it proves to be a tough crowd; not even the dog made a move. You try to flick her pinky toe... and she finally breaks from her sleep paralysis.

Ann dreaming of Chad.Ann dreaming of Chad.

At last, you thought, you’ve connected with Ann. You go and ask her the favor. “Will you help me catch my killer?”

Ann sits up on her bed, pauses in shock for a few seconds, then belts out from the deepest recesses of her gut… “Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!