The realization.

You quickly tell Ann that your name is Chad and that you’re not out to hurt her. You can’t even move anything over an inch, for heaven’s sake.

She calms down a bit. So, you proceed to tell her your story, and fortunately, she agrees to help you because she thinks you're both after the same man. Ann immediately goes online and tries to track down the killer.

You both soon discover a man that many point out as a major suspect to your case— a man in his '60s, living in Pine County, Minnesota, with a particular Celtic necklace hanging on his neck in one photo. Ann shows you the Celtic necklace, which she has in her possession, but doesn't know why the killer gave it to her right after she was born.

After two decades of being dead, only now did you realize that everything you had on when you died is what you’re still wearing in the afterlife. Except for that same silver Celtic necklace on the suspect's neck in the photo.

Being sure you’ve tracked down your killer and intrigued by the killer's affinity to Ann…

A Silver Celtic Necklace.A Silver Celtic Necklace.
Chad and Ann in a dialogue.
Chad and Ann in a dialogue.