Tea Party!

Both you and Winter are frozen in shock by the sight of Winter's mom. The silence only breaks when Winter embraces her mom and replies: "We'd love to have a tea party with you!" Touched by what you see, you can't help but oblige.

Winter's mom sets up a small table for three. She pours aromatic tea in the tiny cups. It sure feels good to be a kid again— if only you weren't scared out of your wits with everything that's happening.

Winter picks up her cup and drinks the tea. You turn back to Winter's mom and see her smiling to you. Though, you can't help but wonder why.

She holds you by the hand and tells you: "Thank you my dear."

You ask: "What for?"

"For bringing my child back to me from the dead," she shares.

All you hear after is the crashing of a tiny tea cup on the floor. You look around and discover that all along, your tea party was but a party for two.

"Hurry dear! Your tea is getting cold," Winter's mom says.

17th-century tea party set17th-century tea party set
A Possessed Winter
A Possessed Winter